Infinus 3D is changing how industries prototype their ideas and help students as well as innovators on their new distinctive projects, across various domains to produce functional and structural parts. With the help of our 3D Printers, we can fabricate end-use parts in industrial-grade materials at lower costs without compromising quality while achieving dimensional accuracy.

We reach out our services to various fields like engineering, manufacturing, medical, architecture, automobile, education, aerospace, etc. We act as a platform for students to use 3D Printing and come up with innovative products. Small scale and large scale industries, start-ups, makers and others, use our services at Infinus 3D – Vadodara to bring their designs to life.

Along with 3D Printing, our Company provide 3D Scanning and 3D Designing services. We strive to spread knowledge on 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and 3D Designing by conducting Workshops at our office as well as in educational institutions and industries for seekers to learn and implement these technologies themselves. As our tagline says – Your 3D Destination, we are a one-stop destination for all needs in the world of 3D.

Infinus3D was named and founded on 30th April 2021.